Raffle Nexus Launch!

Hello friends and family,


As some of you may already know, Amanda and I have been working on the launch of a new business. After years of development, we’re excited to announce that we’re officially launching Raffle Nexus!


Raffle Nexus is an online fundraising platform that enables non-profit organizations to run Raffles & 50/50s, providing YOU with an opportunity to ‘WIN GREAT PRIZES AND SUPPORT LOCAL CAUSES!’ <– how’s the slogan?


Our passion to support non-profits started back in 2012 when we began working with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation and the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund on their home lotteries. We’re proud to still be working with them today. Changes to the law in 2015 allowed for real-time payment processing, electronic ticket delivery, and electronic prize distribution for online raffles and 50/50s. We saw the need for a software solution to facilitate administrating raffles/lotteries and worked closely with our clients to build a platform to handle all their needs.


Raffle Nexus started operating as an in-house solution in 2015. Since then, Raffle Nexus has helped our clients raise more than $150 million dollars! Our goal is to get that number into the billions. Our launch today symbolizes that we are now open for business to help all non-profits in BC with their fundraising efforts.


WE NEED YOUR HELP! We’re just opening our social media accounts. They’re brand new and in need of some likes and follows.


Supporting us is as easy as liking/following and sharing our social media accounts





You can check out raffles that our clients are currently running at https://rafflenexus.com/discover. We’re sure you’ll find prizes you would like to win and causes you would love to support.


If you know of anyone involved in a BC non-profit that you think may be looking for new ways to fundraise, please send us a message or forward them our contact info.



Thank-you for taking time out of your busy day to read this and for your support. We greatly appreciate it!

Best regards,
Mark and Amanda Carter